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Creation, Fall and the Election

by Andy Robinson

I thoroughly enjoy politics so the announcement of a General Election was a bit like Christmas for me. But I have to be honest- this campaign has been amongst the most depressing that I can remember. I have been disappointed by our Prime Minister- principally at the lack of open honesty. Calling an election having […]

Nuancing Political Correctness

by Andy Robinson

We are coming to the end of our sermon series here on Christian Living in a Secular Society. I’ve enjoyed working on this series immensely, partly because it has enabled me to use one of my favourite words- nuance. The sermon I preached on 1 Corinthians 5 was probably the most important example of this. […]

The Olympics

by Andy Robinson

I loved watching the Olympics. Yes- it disturbed sleep patterns (although others have informed me that it wasn’t compulsory to wake up in the middle of the night to watch Adam Peaty’s gold) but it was fun cheering on British success. And there are certain experiences that only the Olympics give. I was away with […]

Stupidity and the Sovereignty of God

by Andy Robinson

I simply can’t recall a time when the political world has seemed so crazy. Life has quietened down somewhat since the referendum result but there is still a huge amount of uncertainty about the future make-up of Great Britain, the relationship with the rest of Europe and whether one of our main political parties will […]

Further reflections on homosexuality- 1

by Andy Robinson

It is a year since I wrote three posts on the subject of homosexuality and preached on the subject at a Sunday evening service. In sermon and posts I reflected on two things- homosexual practice is displeasing to God and homosexual temptation is a personal experience for me. I have not spoken at Woody Road […]

We reach the new creation with tears in our eyes…

by Andy Robinson

Ukraine. Gaza. Iraq. The last few weeks have brought chilling news on a regular basis: pictures of grieving families with children being massacred. The persecution of Christians and other minorities in the Islamic State has mostly happened away from cameras but the reports of beheadings and crucifixions are hard to read and comprehend. A number […]