What are Homegroups?

A great way to get involved in and to feel part of Woodstock Road Baptist Church is to join a homegroup. Homegroups meet on a Wednesday and Thursday evening at on the second, third and fourth weeks of a month at various venues in and around Oxford. There are usually between 8 and 12 members and we spend the time seeking to encourage and build one another up by studying the Bible together and praying. They are a really great way to get to know a few people better and to know there is a group of people who can support you as you also care for them.

We will not be meeting in homegroups over the summer but will be holding church prayer meetings each Wednesday evening, 7:30pm at the church.

List of Homegroups Meeting on Wednesday

Leader                                  Location

Mark Widgery                                 Northway

John Ventress                                 Bicester

Iain Gray                                          Kidlington

List of Homegroups Meeting in Thursday

Leader                                  Location

James Wilkinson                            Headington

Andy Robinson                               Summertown

Steve Titterton                                Summertown

David Jones                                     Waterways

David Trebilcock                            Church