Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a national charity, passionate about releasing people from what can feel like a life sentence of debt and poverty. Working with local churches like ours, CAP can help to bring good news, hope and freedom.

In 2019, Woodstock Road Baptist Church formally became an ‘Associate Church’, partnering with the consortium of five local churches who are committed to supporting CAP’s work in Oxford. We took the decision to partner with CAP because although the church is situated in a wealthy area of North Oxford, we recognize that some families and individuals still face significant challenges related to poverty and debt. Despite the affluence in the area around the church, there are significant pockets of deprivation in North Oxford.

Our CAP representative in the church is: Sharon Grisbrooke. We currently have five people in the church who support individual CAP clients and a number of other volunteers who have helped out on a more occasional basis.

If you would like to contact Sharon to get help with debt-related problems, or to volunteer to help with the work of CAP, please click here to go to our contact form page.

CAP is based in an office at the St Clement’s Centre and concentrates its efforts in the following areas of Oxford: OX1, OX2, OX3, OX4 and OX33, helping lift people out of debt and poverty. In Oxford, CAP currently employs a team of six part-time staff to carry out its work. Please see the Oxford Churches Debt Centre website for more information on the work being done in Oxford by CAP.