Services take place both at the church building and online from 10.30am. They normally last for just over one hour. Our early afternoon service starts at 1:30pm, following on from lunch at the church.

    05 June 2022 10:30am service
    When Life is Going Well from the Remember series (Deuteronomy 8) by Andy Robinson (pastor).

    05 June 2022 service
    Praise, Prayer and Communion

    12 June 2022 10:30am service
    God's Blessing Is Undeserved from the Remember series (Deuteronomy 9:1-10:11) by Andy Robinson (pastor).

    12 June 2022 service
    FIEC joint celebration

    19 June 2022 10:30am service
    All that God Has Ddone from the Remember series (Deuteronomy 10:12-11:32) by Andy Robinson (pastor). This service includes communion.

    19 June 2022 13:30pm service
    William Perkins by Eric Beach (church member).

    26 June 2022 10:30am service
    How to Worship from the Remember series (Deuteronomy 12-13) by Andy Robinson (pastor).

    26 June 2022 13:30pm service
    When The Nights Draw In from the Songs for Each Of Life's Seasons series (Psalm) by Ben Goldenberg (assistant pastor).

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