This page provides a link to each sermon recorded at Woodstock Road Baptist Church since recording began. You can search for items based on the date that they were recorded. You can also search by the Bible book that the sermon is taken from, by the title of the series containing the sermon or the preacher's name.

Living for Christ by Mark Widgery, recorded on 19 March 2006
This sermon is 39 minutes long.
From Colossians 2:6-3:14.

The most important decision in the world. This is a Family Service, with a sermon suitable for all ages. by Andy Robinson, recorded on 26 March 2006
This sermon is 7 minutes long.
From Luke 7:11-17.

A new outlook by Keith Stokes, recorded on 26 March 2006
From the Instant and Ongoing Changes in the Christian Life series (part 10 of 11), this sermon is 43 minutes long.
From Philippians 4:2-9.