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Some Personal Reflections on Homosexuality 2

by Andy Robinson

Each year at the church we have a vision verse. It is an opportunity to focus our minds on one specific aspect of living as a Christian and we tend to explore it through a number of sermons across the year. Last year our focus was 1 Corinthians 10:31- “Whatever you do, do it all […]

Some Personal Reflections on Homosexuality 1

by Andy Robinson

Last Sunday evening we held the second in our series considering Relationships and Sexuality. I spoke on the subject of homosexuality and then was interviewed. Since my teenage years, I have been exclusively attracted to other men rather than women. So the question we pondered in the interview was this- what does it mean for […]

The Christian and the non-Christian state- 1

by Andy Robinson

On July 17th this year, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act became law. It is now legal in this country for two people of the same gender to marry. Bible believing Christians obviously have a problem with that- God’s pattern for marriage revealed in creation is between a man and a woman. So how should […]