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Reflections from Pastoral Refreshment Conference

by Andy Robinson

One of my favourite books over the last few years has been Jack Miller’s “The Heart of a Servant Leader”. It is a compendium of letters from an older pastor to younger missionaries and church workers and was actually recommended to me at a Pastoral Refreshment Conference a few years back. Amongst other things, Miller […]

Sabbatical Musings: The Heart of Christ

by Andy Robinson

I am currently in the last week of my sabbatical. There is loads I am thankful for- I have visited some beautiful places (I’m writing this looking out to sea!), caught up with some good friends, appreciated being able to have fellowship with different churches and read a number of good books. Being honest, it […]

Holiday Musings- the Christian Life

by Andy Robinson

I am very thankful that the Bible is good at using illustrations. In part, that’s because I am useless at coming up with my own but it is also because daily life should remind us of the Lord and what it means to live for Him. As part of my holiday I spent four days […]

The God-Man

by Andy Robinson

Occasionally I am tempted to wonder if there is a limit to the number of Christmas sermons that can be preached. However, by Sunday, I will have given six talks in and around the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke and I still won’t really have touched on what is, in many ways, the big […]

The Sabbath- Part Three

by Andy Robinson

The last two posts have been an attempt to give a biblical basis for my contention that the Sabbath is fulfilled in Christ. In this last post I want to offer some pastoral reflections. Right at the outset I said that this was an issue where those with differing positions needed to respect each other. […]