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Sabbatical Musings- On being busy

by Andy Robinson

I remember starting my brief sabbatical about ten days ago with somewhat mixed feelings. It was odd being at church on my final Sunday thinking that it would be the best part of two months before I got to see everybody again. However, I was also deeply grateful for it- especially as I am aware […]

We had a very helpful time…

by Andy Robinson

Last week I wrote about my plans for the homegroups that I was due to lead on Wednesday and Thursday. Following the old pattern of Lloyd-Jones my intention was to see whether people in the group had a question for us to discuss and to spend around an hour or so trying to come up […]

Election- things I wish I had said…

by Andy Robinson

There are certain sermons that you know are going to produce questions. I very much had a sense of that when I preached on Sunday from Romans 9. Essentially it covers the doctrine of election- that God in His sovereignty has called and chosen His people. There are various reasons why I think this is […]

FIEC Leaders’ Conference and OICCU for Life

by Andy Robinson

I enjoy preaching and leading services at Woody Road- but I am always thrilled when I simply get to listen to God’s Word and the wisdom of God’s people without having to think about how to introduce the next song! I’ve had two opportunities to do this recently- at the FIEC Leaders’ Conference and the […]

A Praying Life

by Andy Robinson

To think in a right way about the Christian life involves changing the way we look at things normally. Our culture relies on people getting what they deserve in their wages so it is hard to get our heads round the fact that God works on the basis if grace in giving us what we […]