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Reflections on the Church Weekend

by Andy Robinson

I came away encouraged from our recent church weekend. As ever, I was struck by people’s willingness to work hard and serve (special mention to Jenny, Hannah and the team who did the children’s work, to Steve and Jane and the team who oversaw the catering, to Samantha, our resident ‘Parkinson’ and to Long Crendon […]

Nakedness, Shame and Genesis

by Andy Robinson

Over the last few years I have enjoyed reading “The Week”- a weekly magazine that pulls together the best articles from around the world that have been published in the last seven days. A few weeks ago this article, originally published in the Guardian, caught my attention. Stephen Gough, known as the Naked Rambler, has […]

Woody Road and Sermon Series

by Andy Robinson

At some point in the next few weeks, the elders will be discussing sermon series at the church for the next year or so. I thought this might be a useful point at which to outline some of my thinking and convictions on how to go about this. 1. The value of consecutive exposition We […]

The Sabbath- Part Three

by Andy Robinson

The last two posts have been an attempt to give a biblical basis for my contention that the Sabbath is fulfilled in Christ. In this last post I want to offer some pastoral reflections. Right at the outset I said that this was an issue where those with differing positions needed to respect each other. […]

The Sabbath- Part Two

by Andy Robinson

In my first post I argued that the key question to be answered is this: How is the Sabbath fulfilled in Christ? This is the main issue- because the whole of the law is fulfilled in Him. I intend to address that question in this post before I turn to some practical and pastoral reflections […]

The Sabbath- Part One

by Andy Robinson

Those who know me well will appreciate that I don’t relish controversy. So, if I’m honest, my heart sank as I started to prepare my sermon on Isaiah 56 a couple of week ago. I was eager to talk about the inclusion of the foreigner and the eunuch in the people of God but I […]