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Reflections from Keswick

by Andy Robinson

Writing this is the last thing I am doing before starting a two week holiday. That this period covers the Olympics is, of course, purely co-incidental. When I mentioned this to somebody this evening they jokingly observed that I had only just been away… Which is true. I’m just back from an enjoyable week away […]

Isaiah: A retrospective

by Andy Robinson

On Sunday we completed our studies in Isaiah. I started preaching through Isaiah in the autumn of 2003 so it has taken a while to get to the end- although we have still moved speedily covering 66 chapters in 32 sermons. The first three were preached before our sermons were downloaded but you can find […]

Religion and the (Old Testament) Law

by Andy Robinson

This morning I spent some time with the Oxford International Outreach team. They are at the start of their second (and final) week running a coffee bar each night for international students. Optional Bible Studies form part of this. It was good to hear of their progress so far and it would be great to […]

Showing my Working

by Andy Robinson

I don’t know whether anybody remembers the phrase from maths exams. We were told to show our working: to show how we got to an answer so that if our final answer was wrong (and to be honest I lost the plot with maths when we stopped using numbers and started using letters…) we might […]

Let’s have a discussion

by Andy Robinson

This is probably one of those posts that will have people reaching for the imaginary “Dislike” button on Facebook. And I know how you feel. When I am sitting in the congregation on a Sunday evening it is tempting to want to sit back, listen and not feel I have to contribute very much. On […]