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The battle of Augustine’s will

by Andy Robinson

Last Sunday we looked at the second half of Romans 7. I’m not intending to use this post to defend my position- suffice it to say that I’m not convinced Paul is describing the normal Christian life. Regardless of whether you agree or not it seems to me that our three conclusions are important: Sin […]

Christ not Law

by Andy Robinson

Over the last couple of weeks I have been preaching through Romans 7. In each sermon there has been material that has ended up on the cutting room floor as it were. I am planning to write up that material in a couple of posts this week- and I hope that as I do that […]

Vision Statements

by Andy Robinson

My intended audience for this blog is the church at Woody Road (though I know it is read by some from outside the church). So occasionally I like to explain our thinking as leaders on a certain subject of particular relevance to the church here. A while back I wrote on our approach to sermon […]

A Praying Life

by Andy Robinson

To think in a right way about the Christian life involves changing the way we look at things normally. Our culture relies on people getting what they deserve in their wages so it is hard to get our heads round the fact that God works on the basis if grace in giving us what we […]