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by Andy Robinson

This blog is rapidly becoming an attempt to preach my sermons again with additional things which I wish I had said- see this on Romans 9 for instance. So to continue the theme I have recently been reflecting back on my sermons on Psalm 27 and pondering how I might have preached them differently. During […]

Pastoral Refreshment Conference- Reflections

by Andy Robinson

I was grateful that many people in the church were praying for David, Janet and me as we attended the Pastoral Refreshment Conference last week. Several asked me on Sunday whether I was, indeed, refreshed! The answer was yes! Let me explain why. By far the most helpful thing about PRC is that it treats […]

When the Spirit opens our eyes

by Andy Robinson

A couple of weeks ago I preached a sermon on election that provoked a fair number of questions. However, last Sunday evening’s sermon produced questions of a different sort. I included a long piece in it talking about the blessings that are ours in Christ. A few people asked me why I did that and […]

Election- things I wish I had said…

by Andy Robinson

There are certain sermons that you know are going to produce questions. I very much had a sense of that when I preached on Sunday from Romans 9. Essentially it covers the doctrine of election- that God in His sovereignty has called and chosen His people. There are various reasons why I think this is […]