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Applying the Bible- Some Hopefully Helpful Hints

by Andy Robinson

For the last few years I have been teaching the Bible Handling modules on the PfS course. One of the lectures I most enjoyed giving was on the theme of application in sermons, Bible Studies and so on. I think there are various ways in which application can go wrong for preachers. There can be […]

Speaking Thoughts: Musings on a Busy Time 2

by Andy Robinson

Last week I wrote up some reflections on the couple of weeks I had speaking at the Oak Hall Alpine Bible School on Romans and a CU houseparty on 2 Corinthians. My chief reflection was simply the power to transform lives evident in the doctrine of the righteousness of God received by faith. However, there […]

Speaking Thoughts: Musings on a Busy Time 1

by Andy Robinson

So it was slightly mad- and at various points I felt like I was mad. 16 sessions on Romans for the Oak Hall Alpine Bible School in Northern Italy followed by speaking at Caleb and Jana’s wedding on the next day before Psalm 62 at Woody Road and four talks on 2 Corinthians at a […]