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Reflecting on the Minor Prophets and the Alpine Bible School- 1

by Andy Robinson

Last Monday evening saw me 1800m above sea level in a hotel on top of an Alpine mountain speaking at the final of sixteen sessions on Oak Hall’s Alpine Bible School. Truth be told I was feeling somewhat emotional as before the talk I said this- “To teach the Word of God to those hungry […]

The Olympics

by Andy Robinson

I loved watching the Olympics. Yes- it disturbed sleep patterns (although others have informed me that it wasn’t compulsory to wake up in the middle of the night to watch Adam Peaty’s gold) but it was fun cheering on British success. And there are certain experiences that only the Olympics give. I was away with […]

Big Decisions…

by Andy Robinson

In lots of ways we have had a really encouraging couple of years as a church. We have had more baptisms in the past two years than any of us can remember and we have grown in our membership and congregation on a Sunday. Particularly on a Sunday morning in school term time there is […]

WRBC Sunday School Material

by admin

Coming soon to the website will be a section containing Sunday School material for use in your church or youth group. This material is being trialed at the moment and will be available later on.

Stupidity and the Sovereignty of God

by Andy Robinson

I simply can’t recall a time when the political world has seemed so crazy. Life has quietened down somewhat since the referendum result but there is still a huge amount of uncertainty about the future make-up of Great Britain, the relationship with the rest of Europe and whether one of our main political parties will […]

Pure Gold

by Andy Robinson

I’ve been reading through the first few chapters of 1 Kings recently. The theme of 1 Kings 6-7 is the building of the temple- you have a long list of measurements in chapter six and, after a brief interlude to describe the building of the palace, a significant section on the temple furniture in chapter […]

John Bunyan’s Holy War

by Andy Robinson

A few weeks ago I posted the handout that accompanied my recent talk on John Bunyan. In that talk I focused principally on three of Bunyan’s works- Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, Pilgrim’s Progress and his Advice to Sufferers. I didn’t have much time to reflect on his Holy War that I read […]

An evening with John Bunyan

by Andy Robinson

Once a year I attempt to do a biography of a leading Christian character on a Sunday evening. You can hear the talk on John Bunyan here. I tried to tell Bunyan’s story using his own words. That meant there were lots of quotes! So, if you want to follow the talk, it is probably […]