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On personality 2

by Andy Robinson

I’m currently on sabbatical in Australia- enjoying outstanding hospitality and terrific views whilst doing a little bit of speaking. The main talk that I am doing whilst here is coming up on Sunday night. But I had intended to write a follow-up to my first piece on personality before I left so thought I would […]

Creation, Fall and the Election

by Andy Robinson

I thoroughly enjoy politics so the announcement of a General Election was a bit like Christmas for me. But I have to be honest- this campaign has been amongst the most depressing that I can remember. I have been disappointed by our Prime Minister- principally at the lack of open honesty. Calling an election having […]

An evening with Martin Luther

by Andy Robinson

We have an annual tradition at Woody Road. Once a year we devote an evening service to a significant figure from church history. This year it was the turn of Martin Luther. You can listen to the talk here. However, I like to tell people’s stories in their own words so those present were given […]