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Some Christian reflections on Brexit

by Andy Robinson

It is hard to deny that for a political anorak like me the last few months have been riveting. You have that sense of living through the kind of thing that my successors as undergraduate historians could be writing about in centuries to come. There are, of course, a couple of down sides- occasionally I […]

A present God

by Andy Robinson

Last term in our homegroups we spent time reflecting on the character of God. There is a limitless wealth of material when you do that and, inevitably, you cannot say everything. But there is one reality that I wish I had focused on more because I am not sure it is a strength of conservative […]

WRBC in 2018

by Andy Robinson

Earlier this week I wrote a general reflection on 2018. However, before the old year fades completely from our minds, I thought it might be useful to write something more specific to Woody Road. What have been the key events of 2018 and what are the lessons to learn? Farewells One of my chief reflections […]