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The Bible and Ongoing Restrictions

by Andy Robinson

Amongst other things the last 18 months have represented a significant philosophical discussion. How many restrictions should be imposed in order to preserve life? It is the backdrop to the decision that the Government will make today to extend the current regulations. And it is almost certain to rumble on- given that vaccines are not […]

You can please the Lord!

by Andy Robinson

How do you imagine God? For all of us the danger is that the God we have in our minds is different to the God who is really there. Truth be told, that’s true all the time. I remember a comment from Julian Hardyman in a sermon- “None of us have ever had an adequate […]

The goal for the autumn

by Andy Robinson

A few weeks ago I was thinking about the church in the autumn, hopefully when normality has returned. What should be our goal? Instinctively my mind went to programmes and activities. How could we look like a bustling and vibrant church? And then I reflected a bit. As I wrote last week, a reputation for […]