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A present God

by Andy Robinson

Last term in our homegroups we spent time reflecting on the character of God. There is a limitless wealth of material when you do that and, inevitably, you cannot say everything. But there is one reality that I wish I had focused on more because I am not sure it is a strength of conservative […]

Applying the Bible

by Andy Robinson

Last week I spent 24 hours with three friends who are pastors of different churches- Speke Baptist Church (just outside Liverpool), Avenue Community Church (in Leicester) and Hockliffe Street Baptist Church (in Leighton Buzzard). We meet up like this three times a year. We’ve known each other for a while now so our times are […]

Why base your life on an old book?

by Andy Robinson

Just over a week ago we held a Guest Evening considering the question above. We decided to go for that issue because a number of friends of church members had been asking it- partly in the light of questions off the back of Dan Brown and Melvyn Bragg and partly because some of our ethical […]

Woody Road and Sermon Series

by Andy Robinson

At some point in the next few weeks, the elders will be discussing sermon series at the church for the next year or so. I thought this might be a useful point at which to outline some of my thinking and convictions on how to go about this. 1. The value of consecutive exposition We […]