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Lessons to unlearn

by Andy Robinson

There are lessons to learn from the last year. Perhaps the most obvious is that as humans we are not in control. A tiny virus can stop the world in its tracks. That should give us a sense of humility before our Creator for He alone knows the future. Having said that, we are slow […]

Pure Gold

by Andy Robinson

I’ve been reading through the first few chapters of 1 Kings recently. The theme of 1 Kings 6-7 is the building of the temple- you have a long list of measurements in chapter six and, after a brief interlude to describe the building of the palace, a significant section on the temple furniture in chapter […]

Reflections from Pastoral Refreshment Conference

by Andy Robinson

One of my favourite books over the last few years has been Jack Miller’s “The Heart of a Servant Leader”. It is a compendium of letters from an older pastor to younger missionaries and church workers and was actually recommended to me at a Pastoral Refreshment Conference a few years back. Amongst other things, Miller […]

What sort of church?

by Andy Robinson

A couple of weeks ago I preached at Wheatley Community Church. For those who haven’t picked it up yet, this is a new church starting in Wheatley with a number of folk from Woody Road involved. As quite a number were away I was asked to write up the sermon. I thought I would post […]