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Sabbatical thoughts- Joy in Creation

by Andy Robinson

At our church weekend away we pondered, amongst other things, the joy of Christ. Matt Searles pointed us to something I had never noticed before- the disciples were unsurprised when Jesus talked about “My joy” in John 15. He evidently had a reputation for being full of joy. We noticed a foretaste of that in […]

Creation, Fall and the Election

by Andy Robinson

I thoroughly enjoy politics so the announcement of a General Election was a bit like Christmas for me. But I have to be honest- this campaign has been amongst the most depressing that I can remember. I have been disappointed by our Prime Minister- principally at the lack of open honesty. Calling an election having […]

Keller on Work

by Andy Robinson

We started our series on work last night with David helpfully opening up Genesis 1-3 for us. I was particularly pleased with how the discussion panel worked afterwards with plenty of godly wisdom being brought out in response to the sermon. When I was putting the series together in the summer I read Tim Keller’s […]

Remembering two things about myself…

by Andy Robinson

On Sunday morning we faced up to a painful diagnosis- Jesus says that what the world does is evil (John 7:7). You can listen to the sermon here. It is not something that he says just once. I noted Graham Beynon’s comment based on Matthew 7:11- “We think of ourselves as basically good people who […]

The Olympics Part 1

by Andy Robinson

Apologies to those who didn’t enjoy them- but I loved the Olympics. I am just back to work after two and a half weeks of holiday- and it would be fair to say that the time was dominated by the events in London. Along with my parents I spent a couple of days in the […]

The Sabbath- Part Two

by Andy Robinson

In my first post I argued that the key question to be answered is this: How is the Sabbath fulfilled in Christ? This is the main issue- because the whole of the law is fulfilled in Him. I intend to address that question in this post before I turn to some practical and pastoral reflections […]