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Something to think about?

by Andy Robinson

Earlier this week the evangelist Michael Green went to be with the Lord. Hearing the news brought back precious memories of “Choose Life”- the OICCU Mission of 1997 that happened when I was a student. I well recall Michael preaching the Gospel with radiant joy in the Sheldonian Theatre normally garbed in a slightly absurd […]

Life, Death and the Gospel

by Andy Robinson

I know most blogs at the moment should be about Donald Trump but I’ve written all I want to on that subject here. I want to write about something different because, whilst Governments do their thing, the church is involved in a Kingdom that will last forever. It could, therefore, be argued from an eternal […]

Election- things I wish I had said…

by Andy Robinson

There are certain sermons that you know are going to produce questions. I very much had a sense of that when I preached on Sunday from Romans 9. Essentially it covers the doctrine of election- that God in His sovereignty has called and chosen His people. There are various reasons why I think this is […]

The year that was

by Andy Robinson

I love Psalm 107. It recounts various ways in which God’s people got into a mess- often as a result of their sin. In each situation the people cry out to God for mercy. The Lord hears and rescues. The intended response is repeated throughout the Psalm: “Let them give thanks to the LORD for […]