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Life, Death and the Gospel

by Andy Robinson

I know most blogs at the moment should be about Donald Trump but I’ve written all I want to on that subject here. I want to write about something different because, whilst Governments do their thing, the church is involved in a Kingdom that will last forever. It could, therefore, be argued from an eternal […]

FIEC Leaders’ Conference and OICCU for Life

by Andy Robinson

I enjoy preaching and leading services at Woody Road- but I am always thrilled when I simply get to listen to God’s Word and the wisdom of God’s people without having to think about how to introduce the next song! I’ve had two opportunities to do this recently- at the FIEC Leaders’ Conference and the […]

FIEC Leaders’ Conference 2013

by Andy Robinson

Last week David, Janet and I made the trek to Norfolk for the FIEC Leaders’ Conference. Leaving aside the somewhat surreal (and mildly enjoyable!) experience of staying in something akin to Butlins c.1950s complete with Christmas decorations this was a very good time- I’m grateful to the church for the opportunity of being there. As […]