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On personality 2

by Andy Robinson

I’m currently on sabbatical in Australia- enjoying outstanding hospitality and terrific views whilst doing a little bit of speaking. The main talk that I am doing whilst here is coming up on Sunday night. But I had intended to write a follow-up to my first piece on personality before I left so thought I would […]

On personality- 1

by Andy Robinson

Last summer I spent a week in Italy teaching through three minor prophets on the Alpine Bible School. A group of us were enjoying an ice cream on an afternoon trip to a local village. About fifteen minutes before we were due to be back at the minibus one of our group started to become […]

Christ not Law

by Andy Robinson

Over the last couple of weeks I have been preaching through Romans 7. In each sermon there has been material that has ended up on the cutting room floor as it were. I am planning to write up that material in a couple of posts this week- and I hope that as I do that […]