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The Bible and Ongoing Restrictions

by Andy Robinson

Amongst other things the last 18 months have represented a significant philosophical discussion. How many restrictions should be imposed in order to preserve life? It is the backdrop to the decision that the Government will make today to extend the current regulations. And it is almost certain to rumble on- given that vaccines are not […]

Lessons to unlearn

by Andy Robinson

There are lessons to learn from the last year. Perhaps the most obvious is that as humans we are not in control. A tiny virus can stop the world in its tracks. That should give us a sense of humility before our Creator for He alone knows the future. Having said that, we are slow […]

Lessons in lockdown: Thanksgiving

by Andy Robinson

Let me be honest- I am decidedely fed up of lockdown. The way to get me muttering under my breath (or sometimes out loud) at the moment is to get somebody on TV telling us how essential it is to prolong restrictions even beyond the time when the vulnerable have been vaccinated. Lockdown is dehumanizing […]