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The Reputation Problem

by Andy Robinson

I’m currently doing some work on Revelation 2-3 for an event that I am speaking at this summer. It is the section where Jesus addresses seven churches and speaks into their spiritual condition. Often we look at each of those churches in isolation. But as you put them together it is hard to escape one […]

Paris- and the limits of what we can do

by Andy Robinson

There is a memorable scene in the American drama The West Wing. It is a period of intense international threat. Pakistan and India- two nuclear powers- are lining up troops on their respective borders. President Bartlet’s mind goes to the book of Revelation and he refers to the so called four horses of the Apocalypse […]

We reach the new creation with tears in our eyes…

by Andy Robinson

Ukraine. Gaza. Iraq. The last few weeks have brought chilling news on a regular basis: pictures of grieving families with children being massacred. The persecution of Christians and other minorities in the Islamic State has mostly happened away from cameras but the reports of beheadings and crucifixions are hard to read and comprehend. A number […]