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Sabbatical Thoughts: A repentant church?

by Andy Robinson

I mentioned last week that my tendency in the opening week of a sabbatical is to focus on my own relationship with the Lord. This week I wanted to reflect a little bit more on the life of the church whilst reading and walking in various beautiful places. On previous occasions, these have been times […]

Sabbatical Thoughts: Repentance and Rest

by Andy Robinson

It doesn’t have to be this way- but I am aware that it is very easy for your Christianity to get out of shape even as you spend your life talking about being a Christian. It is largely that the pressure of responding to concerns, needing to produce a sermon, working through a TO DO […]

Sabbatical Musings- On being busy

by Andy Robinson

I remember starting my brief sabbatical about ten days ago with somewhat mixed feelings. It was odd being at church on my final Sunday thinking that it would be the best part of two months before I got to see everybody again. However, I was also deeply grateful for it- especially as I am aware […]

Sabbatical Thoughts

by Andy Robinson

I am about a week into my six week period of sabbatical and holiday. In some ways today feels like the first day of it as last week was mainly spent tidying things up, writing a sermon and recovering (!) from our enjoyable church weekend. I am aware that most people in their jobs don’t […]