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You can please the Lord!

by Andy Robinson

How do you imagine God? For all of us the danger is that the God we have in our minds is different to the God who is really there. Truth be told, that’s true all the time. I remember a comment from Julian Hardyman in a sermon- “None of us have ever had an adequate […]

Lessons in lockdown: Thanksgiving

by Andy Robinson

Let me be honest- I am decidedely fed up of lockdown. The way to get me muttering under my breath (or sometimes out loud) at the moment is to get somebody on TV telling us how essential it is to prolong restrictions even beyond the time when the vulnerable have been vaccinated. Lockdown is dehumanizing […]

Thankfulness for Eeyores and Tiggers

by Andy Robinson

A couple of years ago I wrote a few posts around the theme of personality. It is perfectly clear that we all have different temperaments- look at people’s approach to a crowded room of strangers and you’ll quickly notice a difference between introverts and extroverts. We probably sense within ourselves (especially if we are reflective […]

WRBC in 2018

by Andy Robinson

Earlier this week I wrote a general reflection on 2018. However, before the old year fades completely from our minds, I thought it might be useful to write something more specific to Woody Road. What have been the key events of 2018 and what are the lessons to learn? Farewells One of my chief reflections […]

Looking back on 2017

by Andy Robinson

We have had a couple of events this week where we have taken the opportunity to look back with thanksgiving on the past year. You can listen to my brief reflection on the evening of New Year’s Eve here. But I wanted to note a few highlights from the year here in the hope that […]

The year that was

by Andy Robinson

I love Psalm 107. It recounts various ways in which God’s people got into a mess- often as a result of their sin. In each situation the people cry out to God for mercy. The Lord hears and rescues. The intended response is repeated throughout the Psalm: “Let them give thanks to the LORD for […]