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Chester on Work

by Andy Robinson

We continued our series on work last Sunday evening when I contributed to the general cheerfulness of humanity by preaching on Ecclesiastes. Should you be feeling unduly happy at the moment you can bring yourself down to earth by listening to the sermon here. Some of the material in the sermon (the surveys from Oxford […]

Keller on Work

by Andy Robinson

We started our series on work last night with David helpfully opening up Genesis 1-3 for us. I was particularly pleased with how the discussion panel worked afterwards with plenty of godly wisdom being brought out in response to the sermon. When I was putting the series together in the summer I read Tim Keller’s […]

The World of Work

by Andy Robinson

This coming Sunday evening we start something different at Woody Road. We are beginning a four week topical series on the theme of work. If I’m honest I’m inherently suspicious of topical series and have tended to resist calls for them- God did not, after all, inspire the Bible to be written topically. So I […]

Sabbatical Thoughts: John Flavel

by Andy Robinson

I’m just back from my first week away as part of my sabbatical. I’m really thankful to people for their prayers- I’ve had a deeply refreshing week in the Brecon Beacons. As you know, it has been a baking hot week. I spent early mornings and late evenings in the spot above with books in […]