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The Importance of Perseverance

by Andy Robinson

I hadn’t intended to write anything over the Christmas period. However my family (including nephew and niece) are currently out visiting fish (pet ones apparently rather than things you eat) so I thought I would jot down a brief thought. Each year at Woody Road we have a testimony evening on the final Sunday evening […]

Hudson Taylor 1

by Andy Robinson

As last year, I’m afraid that anybody looking for Christmas thoughts on the blog will be disappointed. That’s not just because of my “Bah-humbug” spirit but more because I have precious few thoughts at the best of times and I’m afraid any interesting thoughts on Christmas will need to be saved for the four sermons […]

Singleness 5

by Andy Robinson

Just over a year ago I wrote a series of posts on the subject of singleness and promised a review of Barry Danylak’s book Redeeming Singleness. It is described as giving a biblical theology of singleness. Let me be honest: it is not the easiest read in the world. There are reasons why it has […]