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In defence of carols

by Andy Robinson

“It’s Christmas, we’ll sing any old nonsense,” is a flippant comment that I recall passing my lips a few years back. Indeed there are some notorious lines in carols that we often sing. “The little Lord Jesus no crying he makes,” may not be the best line ever written to describe the full humanity of […]

Some day my prince will come…

by Andy Robinson

It was on Monday afternoon when I was desperately trying to come up with an idea for the Christmas talk at our CAMEO Christmas Lunch for seniors that an observation from Mike Reeves’ book Christ our Life came to mind. He notes that because the world is made through Christ all the best stories in […]

The God-Man

by Andy Robinson

Occasionally I am tempted to wonder if there is a limit to the number of Christmas sermons that can be preached. However, by Sunday, I will have given six talks in and around the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke and I still won’t really have touched on what is, in many ways, the big […]