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A new Prime Minister

by Andy Robinson

I have faced an interesting discipleship issue this week. For the first time in my life I am living in a country where I dislike our Prime Minister. It is not simply that I disagree politically so much as that I think character matters. There is no fundamental break between our public and private personas. […]

Some Christian reflections on Brexit

by Andy Robinson

It is hard to deny that for a political anorak like me the last few months have been riveting. You have that sense of living through the kind of thing that my successors as undergraduate historians could be writing about in centuries to come. There are, of course, a couple of down sides- occasionally I […]

Creation, Fall and the Election

by Andy Robinson

I thoroughly enjoy politics so the announcement of a General Election was a bit like Christmas for me. But I have to be honest- this campaign has been amongst the most depressing that I can remember. I have been disappointed by our Prime Minister- principally at the lack of open honesty. Calling an election having […]

Stupidity and the Sovereignty of God

by Andy Robinson

I simply can’t recall a time when the political world has seemed so crazy. Life has quietened down somewhat since the referendum result but there is still a huge amount of uncertainty about the future make-up of Great Britain, the relationship with the rest of Europe and whether one of our main political parties will […]

Paris- and the limits of what we can do

by Andy Robinson

There is a memorable scene in the American drama The West Wing. It is a period of intense international threat. Pakistan and India- two nuclear powers- are lining up troops on their respective borders. President Bartlet’s mind goes to the book of Revelation and he refers to the so called four horses of the Apocalypse […]

Election Thoughts

by Andy Robinson

Five years ago we spent an evening at church pondering the forthcoming election. We’ve not done that this year (I didn’t have anything new to say!) but I wanted to write some thoughts ahead of Thursday. They are not particularly profound- more detailed and helpful reflections can be found from the pens of John Stevens, Andrew […]