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Looking back on “A Vision for 2016”

by Andy Robinson

As well as building up to Christmas this is the time of the year when we nostalgically look back on the past twelve months. We had our staff team Christmas lunch a couple of weeks back and reflected back on the past year. I came up with some highlights such as baptisms whilst my colleagues […]

A Vision for 2016

by Andy Robinson

I wrote last week about the many things for which we could give thanks as a church over the last year. So what have we got planned for 2016? The first week of January sees our week of prayer. We saw so many answers to prayer from the equivalent week last year. Any encouragements that […]

The year that was…2015

by Andy Robinson

At our Carol Service this year I reflected on those end of year montages that you often see on TV programmes at this time of year. I am a bit of a sucker for them and I particularly enjoyed those on the Sports Personality of the Year programme that I caught up with subsequent to […]


by Andy Robinson

This blog is rapidly becoming an attempt to preach my sermons again with additional things which I wish I had said- see this on Romans 9 for instance. So to continue the theme I have recently been reflecting back on my sermons on Psalm 27 and pondering how I might have preached them differently. During […]

A Vision for 2014

by Andy Robinson

Regulars to Woody Road will know that each year we have a vision statement. We’ve found it a useful way of spending some concentrated time thinking about one aspect of what God wants us to be. Often it is easy as we preach through books of the Bible, which is our normal pattern, to look […]

Vision Statements

by Andy Robinson

My intended audience for this blog is the church at Woody Road (though I know it is read by some from outside the church). So occasionally I like to explain our thinking as leaders on a certain subject of particular relevance to the church here. A while back I wrote on our approach to sermon […]