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Singleness 4

by Andy Robinson

I enjoy being asked to preach at weddings. Over the years different couples have asked me to speak on a variety of passages. Getting the opportunity to talk from Song of Songs at a wedding recently was a particular highlight. However, nobody has ever asked me to speak on Ecclesiastes 9:9. I am somewhat disappointed […]

Singleness 3

by Andy Robinson

In my last post I noted that singleness can be hard. But one of the lovely truths that the Bible consistently celebrates is that what is hard can be used for good. You think of Paul in 2 Corinthians rejoicing in his weaknesses because they make him more useful for the Lord. Or ponder James’ […]

Singleness 2

by Andy Robinson

I think Christians can face a degree of tension when thinking about the subject of singleness. We know that it is portrayed as a gift in Scripture (more on that tomorrow) but it doesn’t always feel like that. If we are honest the difficulties and challenges seem far more apparent. Is Scripture wrong? My answer […]

Singleness 1

by Andy Robinson

I had a slightly surreal experience a few weeks ago. I was contacted by Songs of Praise. They were in the process of putting together a programme on singleness and, having googled “Christians and singleness”, came across an article that I wrote on the subject for Grace magazine ten years ago. I was interviewed over […]