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Union with Christ (one more time)

by Andy Robinson

Last weekend I was on the Cumbrian coast speaking at St.John’s/Claytonbrook Whittle-le-Woods Church Weekend. It was a joy to spend time with a warm hearted group who had the additional benefit, being from Lancashire, of speaking properly. And I loved returning to my favourite theme for a church weekend- Union with Christ. Now it appears […]

Strength in Weakness

by Andy Robinson

It was my final year at university and I was the secretary of the Christian Union. I served alongside a great committee but there was a point when it became too much for me. That was partly work pressure but also the personal issues I’ve alluded to in the past. Spiritually I felt confused, disorientated […]

WRBC- 15 years on

by Andy Robinson

A friend once described me as a sentimental old fool. I plead guilty. One of the signs of that is that I tend to notice anniversaries. For me, this September has marked fifteen years as a pastor at Woodstock Road Baptist Church. I am aware that is not a major anniversary but it has been […]

Grace Church Kidlington- one year on

by Andy Robinson

This Sunday represents a year since the first meeting of Grace Church Kidlington. We had a staggered start- three weeks of not very visible services in September to make sure we knew what we were doing before a public launch at the beginning of October. However, the events of this coming Sunday make this an […]