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Spotting Satan at work- an addendum to Screwtape

by Andy Robinson

A few months ago I did a teaching session for another church on evil and suffering. One of my convictions was that we need a clearer grasp of how Satan works. It is much easier to resist Satan when we spot what he is doing. And when we fail to spot him at work, we […]

Screwtape- part 2

by Andy Robinson

One of the highlights of my sabbatical has been a morning spent on Aberdeen beach (beautiful but a touch chilly) reading the end of the Screwtape Letters. Here is the second half of summary of main themes from the book with an advance warning of spoilers! Spiritual Decline Once the “patient”, as Screwtape terms him, […]

Sabbatical Thoughts: Screwtape Letters 1

by Andy Robinson

I had long been aware of it but had never actually read C.S.Lewis Screwtape Letters until my current sabbatical. You may be familiar with the overall thrust- they are imaginary letters from a senior demon (Screwtape) to his young nephew (Wormwood) offering advice on how to lead somebody away from the Lord (The Enemy). The […]

Preaching Miracles

by Andy Robinson

Let me tell you a secret. Most preachers find certain types of biblical material easier to preach than others. I suspect most of us in this country find New Testament letters the simplest. Personally, I have never found Old Testament narrative easy and, perhaps curiously, have always found it difficult to open up miracles for […]

My Bible Handling Hobby Horses

by Andy Robinson

One of the privileges that I have had for a number of years now is spending an hour each week helping out at the South Central Ministry Training Course. Alongside doing occasional expositions on 2 Corinthians (what else would you teach to those who are often in the early years of ministry?!) and leading a […]